Dear friends, 

We are approaching the end of another "difficult pandemic year"!!! All of us at ZEnterprises Group, as well as Kanapitsa Hotels Group have been working hard to keep our level of offered services at the highest point, in order to help all guests feel safe, in a familiar and friendly environment. 


In regards to Kanapitsa Hotels, it has been especially hard for us given that Kanapitsa Mare Hotel remained closed for two seasons due to the pandemic; we are happy to inform all friends, guests and patrons, that all necessary works and preparations are already on the way so that come may 2022 we will be ready to welcome everyone once again for a remarkable, safe and romantic Skiathos summer holiday experience. Please do keep in mind that full preparation works are also on the way for Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites, in order to also be ready for the May 2022 opening of the season.


ZEnterprises Group 

2021 proved to be an "interesting year" got ZEG Yachting; the continued "fear" of the pandemic had many travelers spend their holidays in the privacy of a mega and/or superyacht, away from the crowds! Of course, ZEG Yachting was always there to offer full port agent support services (legalities, provisions, fueling, VIP services).


Our home base, the island of Skiathos, as of October is in Winter Mode and everyone is making plans and preparations for the upcoming, summer 2022 season; we are all looking forward to a good, safe upcoming summer season.  At this point I would also like to update you with some late information; 


Airplane connections to Skiathos

Starting late April 2022 Skiathos will connect to Paris/France with the new flights from Transavia

Daily flights from Athens to Skiathos International airport will continue as usual by SKY EXPRESS and AEGEAN / Olympic  Air

We are awaiting more information about a possible flight connection from Thessaloniki airport to Skiathos - we will inform you accordingly as soon as updated information is available.


Ferry Connections to Skiathos

As usual, daily (multiple sailings) are available from the port of Volos; additionally travel to Skiathos will be available from the ports of MAntoudi (Evoia island), Agios Konstantinos, Glyfa, and Thessaloniki (expected).  Timetables, pricing, online ticketing is available at 


I want to thank you all for your support, wish you Merry Christmas, Stay Healthy and have a Happy New Year!!!!!!

We look forward to meeting everyone once again starting May 2022

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Latest News

Dear visitors, 

We are happy to inform you that ZEnterprises Group is changing into AFGroup; after approximately 9 years we are ready to adapt to the new needs of our guests and customers.  We look forward to welcoming everyone and invite you to familiarize yourselves with the new services that will be added.


 AFGroup (
Skiathos, PO box155, 37002, Greece

4, Andersen Str, 11525, Athens, Greece

 +302106915641 (Winter Only)

 +306994402464 (Tel & WhatsApp)
Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00