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If you are planning to visit the Sporades islands (Skiathos) with a yacht, or sailboat and are looking for port agent support services, please contact AFGroup Yachting using one of the methods shown at the end of the page. We offer a wide range of services such as:

Port (Marina) Services

We take care of your boat's "berthing" at the port, we show you the exact position at the time of your arrival and we set up water and electricity supply, provided that we know the time of your arrival.

Provision Supplies

We supply you with any kind of food, drinks, sodas, delicatessen, traditional products, liquor, consumables, etc.

Passenger Services / VIP Services

For your visits/tours around the island, AFGroup Yachting offers SUV limo transfers, cars & moto rentals for your convenience and comfort, while touring the island.

Fuel Supply- Bunkering

According to your needs, we arrange for fuel supply-bunkering of your boat/yacht/jet ski/tender outboard engines; AFGroup Yachting can also arrange for tax-free diesel supply, given that there is a custom's office in Skiathos.

Spare Parts

We supply you with all spare parts and accessories for your boat (lubricants, ropes, hooks, etc) in case of emergency. Due to the nature of the procedure of finding spare parts, delivery is available upon request.

Technical Support

In collaboration with specialized companies, we provide you technical support for any damages that may occur during your stay in Skiathos or while you are traveling.

Registration / Representation

We undertake the procedures for the registration of your vessel or boat in Skiathos.  Also, we can undertake the representation of any maritime company.  ZEG Yachting (part of ZEnterprises Group) as a shipping agency can undertake the brokerage or representation of cruise ships in Skiathos and/or any other ship that needs representation.

Legal Support

We have a network of experienced lawyers for any legal support.


AFGroup Yachting undertakes the process of sending items in cooperation with reputable courier companies for quick and safe transport from/to your boat.


AFGroup Yachting cares about the collection of your laundry. Delivery time depends on the size of the order and it is available upon request.

Weather Forecasts

We offer current information about the weather conditions.

Due to the strategic relationships with other service providers and suppliers that AFGroup Yachting has established, we are able to meet just about any request efficiently and cost-effectively.

We look forward to servicing your needs in Skiathos.

GSM: +306994402464 Email: info @ zeg.gr | Web: yachting.zeg.gr



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Latest News

Dear visitors, 

We are happy to inform you that ZEnterprises Group is changing into AFGroup; after approximately 9 years we are ready to adapt to the new needs of our guests and customers.  We look forward to welcoming everyone and invite you to familiarize yourselves with the new services that will be added.


 AFGroup (www.afgroup.gr)
Skiathos, PO box155, 37002, Greece

4, Andersen Str, 11525, Athens, Greece

 +302106915641 (Winter Only)

 +306994402464 (Tel & WhatsApp)

Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00